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Apologia Radio is a Christian radio program that aims to shake the foundation of Christian broadcasting by offering a hard-hitting, morning zoo, Gospel-centered, and culturally-relevant commentary on today’s post-modern society. Distinguishing itself from the typical boring and irrelevant theological-jargon all too common in other programs, Apologia Radio boldly confronts the hard issues of today in a manner that is fun, fresh, and practical.

April 8, 2021

Apologia Studios Special Announcement

Apologia Studios is set to improve its online platform through an enhanced user experience and the addition of Bahnsen U. Your Support Made This Possible Since the beginning, our vision has been to change the world one Gospel conversation at a time. This momentous undertaking would not have been possible without the support of All Access members. You helped us develop a digital platform to encourage and instill confidence in Christians around the world. Together we have equipped fellow believers to unashamedly proclaim the Gospel, with both loved ones and strangers, always being ready to offer a reasoned defense for the faith. Falling Short As our platform grew, we recognized the need to optimize the user experience.

In 2017, we attempted to make some of these changes, allowing you to quickly search content and easily manage your subscriptions. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we soon found these updates were too expensive to maintain.  However, even with this shortcoming, you continued to contribute to our mission and for this, we will be forever grateful. We are truly humbled by your support and delighted to share the next phase of our journey with you. Looking Forward We are excited about what the future holds. Keeping with our vision to equip Christians to share the Gospel, it is our great pleasure to announce a partnership with the Bahnsen Family!  The Bahnsen Family has graciously given us Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s entire digital library from the past 20 years. This includes countless hours of seminary classes, dissertations, debates, and more! Believing in our mission, only three things were asked of us in return.  

1. Make it available to the Church, for free.

2. Allow the content to be placed on a platform conducive to searching and learning.

3. Remaster the recordings to improve the learning experience.  *Check out the recording above for a side-by-side comparison of the remastered audio.  

New Platform In order to meet the requests of the Bahnsen Family and fulfill our long overdue promise to you, we are thrilled to announce our switch to a new platform. Our goal is to give you more control over your subscription and eventuality increased capabilities to find what you are looking for. So What’s Next? The first step of launching Apologia Studios on a new platform is done. However, nothing of this scale happens overnight. This transformation will be a process and we appreciate your patience as we move forward. Content will be systematically organized, beginning with the Bahnsen material. We will continue over the course of the year with the remainder of our content. Once this process is complete you will finally be able to filter and search our entire library with ease. What Can You Be Doing? Pray Pray for us, pray for the ministry, pray that these groundbreaking changes will lay the foundation of blessing the Church for many generations to come. Participate As stated before, our mission and driving purpose is to change the world one Gospel conversation at a time. This is only possible when you take action. Get out in the public square and apply what you are learning. If you are not already an Apologia All Access member, consider partnering with us in ministry as we fight to change the world. You won’t regret it!  If you are an Apologia All Access member, be on the lookout for an email to reset your password. This is a security measure and will allow you to access the new site. Conclusion We are excited to expand and optimize the resources offered to you through the new Apologia Studios website and the addition of Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s material. The support we have received from so many of you over the past eight plus years has been humbling. We pray that these resources will be used for God’s glory benefitting both present and future generations.  Soli Deo Gloria!

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